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Discover your bread baker talent!

Join an artisan bread baking workshop in my baking studio in Andalusia

Baking together

Discover how much fun baking real bread is! Bake delicious breads together with Marije in her baking studio in Andalusia. 

100% organic

A good bread starts with the best ingredients. You learn what to look out for and where to buy good quality organic flours.
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Simplicity in baking 

You experience step-by-step how to successfully make bread. There is plenty time to ask questions to Marije directly.

Robèrt van Beckhoven en Marije Bakt Brood

I was trained by a famous Dutch Masterbaker

When I started baking bread, I found it all very exciting. Bread dough rises so fast and I kept wondering if I had mastered it. How can one tell the dough is ready? Am I forgetting anything? Is the oven switched on and getting hot enough?

I followed all kinds of workshops with teachers and a masterbaker in the Netherlands and was intern at bakeries to learn the tricks of the trade.

In this workshops I do not only share my step-by-step method, but also give you valuable background information. So you will not only learn how to make a crusty bread yourself, but you will also discover how to vary widely by choosing the right ingredients.

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Workshop brood bakken in Andalusië

Marije understands her profession

"Marije is great! A sympathetic lady full of passion who understands her profession. I learned how to bake good bread from her. Definitely recommended!"

Chris Backus - Vroklage

Bakkerij Marije Bakt Brood

My micro bakery near Málaga

Located in the campo (countryside) of Alhaurín el Grande (just 25 minutes from Málaga and 30 minutes from Fuengirola), located in the middle of an olive grove. In small groups of maximum 6 bakers. The workshops are in English, Dutch or bilingual. In about 4 hours you will bake your own bread. There is ample opportunity to ask questions. Enjoy time for yourself in a nice place to enjoy and make fantastic bread! All bread products we make are 100% organic & plant-based.

Zelf brood bakken, gebakken broden en deeg in rijsmandjes Hoe maak ik brood

Artisan Bread

Baking bread is very simple, with the best ingredients and if you know what you are doing. We use local organic ingredients of the best quality, the basis of a delicious bread.

All we use is flour, water, salt & yeast.

I will introduce you to the different types of ground grain from this region. In this workshop you will of course get started. There are tons of little tricks that add up to a great loaf of bread.

Around lunchtime we have a bread tasting with different types of artisan bread. Yeast bread, sourdough bread and also gluten free.

  And in the afternoon you walk out the door with your own bread under your arm! Isn't it great?


You can participate in a basic workshop without any bread baking experience; anyone can learn to bake.

 Artisan bread €99

Rustiek bijna wit desembrood grote gaten ambachtelijk brood

Sourdough bread

We will dive into the wonderful world of baking sourdough bread. What is it? And why is it more digestible? What is a sourdough starter and how do you make it from scratch. And is a sourdough bread always sour?

At lunchtime we have an artisan bread tasting with different types of sourdough bread. You can see, smell and taste the various local grains that are used in the breads.

At the end of this sourdough workshop you take your dough in a banneton to bake at home in your own oven. You also get a sourdough starter to take home. So from now on you can bake sourdough bread yourself :)


To participate in this workshop, you must have basic bread baking experience. Otherwise you will lose track of all baking tips…

 Sourdough bread €125

Volkorenspelt met havervlokken - Marije Bakt Brood

Spelt & ancient grains

Together we will bake good old-fashioned bread like our grandparents did. With spelt and other ancient grains. What are they? And why is it more digestible? What should you pay attention to if you want to bake bread with these ancient grains?

At lunchtime we have an artisan bread tasting with different types of bread. Experience the various ancient grains that are used in the breads.

Of course you are going to work with spelt and other ancient grains. There is plenty of time to ask me questions. After this workshop you will take home-baked bread with you. Your car will smell like a bakery!


Spelt and ancient grains are more delicate than wheat. To participate in this workshop, you must have basic bread baking experience.

Spelt & ancient grains €99

Glutenvrij brood met zaden en pitten (keto, Kha) Glutenvrij brood met zaden en pitten, handen en groen t-shirt

Glutenfree breads

We are going to bake various gluten-free breads without additives. With 100% organic pseudo cereals and lots of love and patience. Much attention is paid to digestibility. What can you do to better digest grain?

You will make gluten-free bread yourself with grain, water, salt and yeast. You discover how to vary with grains in dough. What are the do's and don'ts for baking gluten-free bread?

Around lunchtime we have a gluten-free bread tasting with different types of tasty gluten-free homemade bread.

After this gluten free workshop you will take your gluten free baked bread home :)


You do not need any bread baking experience for this workshop. Not suitable for those with celiac disease (due to gluten in my bakery from other bakes).

Glutenfree bread €125

Pizzadeeg maken - gebakken pizza - Marije Bakt Brood

Perfect Pizzas

If you want to make pizzas like in Italy, this workshop is just for you.

Anyone can learn how to make a perfect pizza at home. I will introduce you to the different types of flour and the best ingredients to make your perfect pizza.

Around lunchtime your pizza comes out of the hot brick oven. Que rica!

We eat our freshly baked pizzas together with all participants.

You also get to take home my secret pizza sauce recipe. This pizza baking experience is going to be so much fun!


You can participate in the pizza workshop without any bread baking experience; anyone can learn to bake delicious pizzas.

Perfect pizza €99

Desem feestbrood met amandelspijs

Stollen with almond paste 

Making bread because there is a party or is it a party because we make bread? We are going to make enriched bread with almond paste together.

Delicious soft bread chock full of raisins, currants, pieces of candied peel, nuts orange zest and soft sweet almond paste in the middle. So super delicious!!

Around lunchtime we have a festive bread tasting with different types of bread.

After this workshop you will take your stollen home with you. And the success recipe, so that you can bake this delicious bread whenever you fancy!


You do not need any bread baking experience for this workshop.

X-mas stollen €125

Workshop brood bakken in Andalusië

Workshop days and dates

Let´s find a date to bake together!

Participants about the workshops

"You can't learn these skills from a cookbook!"
These are baking skills you can't learn from a cookbook! I learned a lot from Marije's tips and got ideas to - for me - bake new types of bread and experiment at home.

Katarina Lidal

"I bake with much more confidence now"

I had been trying to bake bread for years and hadn't succeeded yet, because I didn't know the little tricks. It's getting better now. My biggest success was my Christmas bread with homemade almond paste.

Ellen Warger

"Step-by-step method for delicious bread"

I had little experience and now I have learned so much. Everything is explained very clearly and step-by-step. Now I can spoil my family with tasty bread, without leaving the house. Many thanks!

Sue Gosling

- Frequently Asked Questions -

Where and when does the workshop start?

You will receive a confirmation from me within 24 hours of registration. We can then go through any details and wishes by mail or whatsapp. Three days before the start you will receive a route description, location link and again a confirmation of the start time.

Can I park nearby?

My baking studio is located in the Spanish countryside. There is ample parking on the public road next to the bakery. Drive together with other participants as much as possible. Even if it is just for fun.

What do I need for a workshop?

All ingredients and materials to be used are included. As well as tea, coffee, water and something sweet. If you want, bring a notebook and pen. You will take home the recipes of the bread you bake at the workshops. Oh yes, it is handy to bring your apron if you want. Don't wear high heels or a lot of jewelry. You better come without.

I am an experienced home baker, will this workshop help me with my baking skills?

Surely! Experienced home bakers tell me that they have benefited a lot from all the tips, tricks and tutorials. In the workshops I reveal all my bread baking knowledge, bread techniques and best tips that I have collected over the years. Not to brag, but I know from experience that you will certainly discover new knowledge of goods or baking techniques. My self-developed bread recipes are unique, taste delicious and are also easy to digest. Do you want to experience that too?

I have never (successfully) baked bread, can I attend a workshop?

There are workshops for every bread baking level. If you have not baked bread that often, or with varying degrees of success, I advise you to start with the artisan bread workshop. You will discover the basics of bread baking with modern wheat and yeast. Spelt and ancient grains are delicate and you need a dough feel for that. If you have mastered this completely, you can continue baking with sourdough bread or the workshop baking with spelt and ancient grains with confidence!

Marije Bakt Brood selfie met epi en busbrood

Baking your own bread is delicious!

    Discover how you can easily bake a well-digested and airy bread yourself with 100% natural ingredients.

    Come on, let's bake together in my baking studio in Andalusia!